Hawaii Seminars 2015

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What do Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul , Robert Kiyosaki – author Rich Dad Poor Dad, Jac Holzman, founder Elektra Records, Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerryʻs Ice Cream, Spencer Johnson, author of Who Moved My Cheese and Bill Allen global entrepreneur and owner of Hawaii Care & Cleaning have in common?

Answer: They along with hundreds of thousand of other business owners studied with Marshall Thurber.

Meet Marshall Thurber

Marshall Thurber is a successful attorney, real estate developer, editor, businessman, educator, scholar, inventor, negotiator, author, visionary and public speaker.

In his private consulting business, Marshall has consulted for high profile clients that include: ITT Industries, Sheraton Hotels, The US Navy, Ernst & Young, Panavision, Neill Corporation, Hewlett Packard, GTE, The Neenan Company, Systems West, Bentley Management Corp., Liberty Helicopters, Columbia Artists Management Inc., and Mendocino Forest Products.

Marshall received his undergraduate degree from Union College, and his law degree from Hastings College of Law, University of California. He was a founding partner of the Fisher Thurber law firm. He holds a BA Degree from Union college of New York; The Cohen H. Kerr award for the highest academic average at Boston University; Boston University’s Utopia Award, and The Maud Folsom Foundation Award.

What students will learn

Learn the theories, methods and tools that create predictable success when you attend Marshall’s three -day Business & You experience. In these three days you will learn:

  • The proper sequencing of your business offer to be optimally effective;

  • How to make change your ally;

  • How network science can improve you marketing by at least 100%;

  • What DyVal is;

  • How to repair breakdowns (drama) within your business. Why resilience is not the optimal strategy when there is a breakdown;

  • How to stay out of the price trap;

  • Why customer satisfaction is not the measure of predictable success. Learn what is.

Benefits of the course

As a result of the three-day experience you will have a predictable method to:

  •  Have a sustainable strategic advantage;

  • Have your organization become more efficient and effective every day;

  • Deal with change in a more predictable manner;

  • Understand how to optimally leverage your network;

  • Understand why you want to be “on” your organization rather than “in” it.

Only Those Committed To Participate Fully Should Attend

That statement is not meant to be rude. It means that each participant should pre-qualify themselves. Everyone who attends Business and You is asked to give 100%, both in attention and participation.  Each student is asked commit to play each simulation “full on” and follow the rules of each game.  Many attendees express that Business and You is one of the most challenging and fun learning experiences of their lives.

Included in the tuition:

  • All course materials (pens, paper, etc)

  • Water and snacks will provided at each break. Students are responsible for their own lunch and dinner.


Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa
2424 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

Risk Reversal:

If you are not totally appreciative of what you have experienced in this learning event, then at the end of the three days just let Burklyn Global leaders know. We will refund your entire tuition back, no questions asked.

We will happily refund 100% of your tuition until 30 days prior to the start date of the event. Should you provide less than 30 days notice, you will be credited the your tuition to any other future Burklyn Course.


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