Future of Business

marshall The Future of Business program has been described as the most advanced and progressive event to hit the Australasian marketplace. Marshall Thurber has been named the godfather of business and has been responsible for teaching some of the world's greatest business minds including Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Jack Canfield to name a few.

At this event you will learn the three fundamentals pillars to achieve business success in the 21st century. You will learn how to achieve predictable success in an unpredictable marketplace. Your current paradigm on doing business will be fundamentally shifted and you will see business with a completely new perspective.

The Course

The business environment is changing with velocity, at an exponential rate. The theories and strategies of success that were developed 20 years ago no longer apply. This is why the Future of Business course has been developed – for you to experience the new rules. The theories that you will learn during this program will ensure you see the world in a new light that will provide a foundation for you to apply in the business arena to ensure you own your market (and have zero competition).

The Future of Business is a full two day experience, taught through interactive games and simulations by Marshall Thurber. It is an extraction of the work Marshall Thurber has encountered with many of the world’s greatest minds including Buckminster Fuller and W Edwards Deming.


What you will learn

The lessons are powerful and eye-opening. You will learn and experience:


  • How to leverage your network optimally

  • How to create predictable innovation

  • How to deliver value that is dynamic (ever-changing)

  • Who to connect with in your network

  • How to increase the quality you produce

  • Understanding the now ever-changing environment

  • What to do when you encounter change

  • Optimizing the people within your business

  • Removing waste from your business

  • Plus many other new frameworks, tools and techniques

The real genius and insight gained, comes from experiencing how everything interconnects to create sustainable, predictable success guaranteed!

Do you want to learn by having fun? Future of Business is not a lecture. It is an accelerated learning experience tailored to teach you in fun, interactive games and simulations.

We guarantee that your current paradigm of doing business will be fundamentally shifted, and that you’ll get a totally new perspective on how to grow you business.

Course Agenda

The first day

8:00am – 8:30am                 Registration

8:30am – 12:30pm               Morning Session

12:30pm -1:45pm*                Lunch

1:45pm – 7:30pm*               Afternoon Session

The second day

8:30am – 12:30pm               Morning Session

12:30pm – 1:45pm*             Lunch

1:45pm – 6:00pm*               Afternoon Session

* These are only approximate times.  There are times when the content being presented needs to be completed or Marshall needs to make some changes to the schedule.  

There will be breaks approximately every 50 minutes for 10 minutes.

Participants will be on their own for Lunch and Dinner.

Notebooks will be provided to participants.