Advanced Leadership Training (ALT)

How do the results of positive transformation feel?

If you’re interested in learning more about the skills,methods and tools utilized to deliver my experiences, read on.

What shifted in your life after interacting with me or one of my learning experiences?

Take a moment… remember, re-live and re-capture the essence of that experience.

Are you willing… to facilitate similar experiences in others?

Burklyn's Advanced Leadership Training (ALT)… is designed to positively impact your life and the world around you.

Please join with me in sharing multiple interactive experiences over the next year designed to add value to your life and the world.

“An answer is almost never the best one without the right theory.” -Marshall Thurber

When you have the correct theory your perspective changes:

  • You will ask different questions;
  • You will get different answers;
  • You will then create different strategies;
  • You will have far better outcomes (ones that allow your life journey to be more fulfilling).

Burklyn’s Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) is a special event. Created by Marshall Thurber, ALT is UNIQUE. Clarity is the intended outcome.

Prediction: you will have greater purpose and greater adventure in your life.

This year long event provides an operation manual for you to overcome almost every challenge you’ll face for the rest of your life, both in business and your personal life.

One area of focus is on how to learn and practice how to make better choices. We are talking about a 500% increase in your major decisions. The value of this alone is far worth the tuition; it will change your life.

Of course you don’t need to use these choice processes in every situation. Many decisions are straightforward with clear-cut outcomes, especially when the stakes are low.

This Burklyn process is uniquely valuable where the stakes are sufficiently high. Without knowing these Burklyn processes, people default to traditional approaches; these traditional approaches usually lead to suboptimal choices.


Highlights of the ALT Year Long Experience:

  1. Understand your “biases” and the strategies to mitigate them (you are not going to get rid of them; they will always be there);

  2. The importance of diversity (people, theories, strategies); without deliberate diversity you will almost always be wildly off the optimal path;

  3. Understanding the importance of “context” in situations will significantly improve your ability to optimize your decisions. Learn how to recognize and resist the pull of this suboptimal social influence. Understand the situation first and then address your individual behavior;

  4. Understand that you are living in a complex emergent system; most humans tend to interpret the behavior of complex emergent systems from its components; it is as common as it is wrong. One must consider the situation at the correct level: more is different.

  5. What seems to happen suddenly is most often phase transitions. Understanding this alone will change your life. These sudden events are the usually the result of small incremental changes that lead to large-scale effects.

    • A sand-pile is made of tiny grains of sand. At some point just one more grain of sand causes the sand-pile to transition into something very different. What if you could anticipate this phase transition?

  6. How to optimally sort luck from skill. Understanding how the theory of reversion to the mean plays a key role in separating luck from skill. It is the interplay of change and stability that is key to the process of distinguishing skill from luck.

  7. When you grasp each of these tools you will be taking the “Meta” view of your life; the result: almost everything changes.